“FLETT & GOLDTHORPE” Live in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Alex Flett and Cara Goldthorpe are a husband and wife musical duo with roots across the globe. They combine their soft and hard playing styles to create balanced songs with many elements, a dance of yin and yang, drawing inspiration from their diverse life experiences and traditions.

Alex Flett is a one-man-band, and his solo music can be found on his independent page. Born in Costa Rica and raised in the prairie lands of Saskatchewan, Canada, he is also a martial artist and devoted to practicing and teaching Hung Gar Kung Fu.

Cara Goldthorpe is a singer/songwriter, mystic, and author. Formerly a lawyer in London, her life took a turn when she was locked down in the jungle of Costa Rica during the pandemic, where she would later meet Alex. 

They compose duets, as well as follow along to each other’s originals. They both value their independent journeys as well as coming together to share their chemistry with the world.

Learn more about Cara and her journey at her website https://songsofgaia.com/

WE ARE: Flett & Goldthorpe 🌙🐉☀️

When a one-man-band meets a one-woman-powerhouse-mystic, magic is born.

It’s now been 1 month since I returned home to Costa Rica, and well, life sure is an adventure. As a child I always dreamed of the epic adventures I’d go on – now here I am, playing next to Cara!

The thing I didn’t realize as a kid though, is that sometimes adventures are hard. I am so grateful I didn’t realize that, because I had the drive all my life to step off of society’s conveyor belt and explore what lies off the beaten path. In the jungle, life is constantly growing and evolving. If you don’t keep up, you simply become fuel for something else.

When I first met Cara this was the first thing I noticed: she is following her Personal Legend. That means she’s doing what she truly feels called to, the kind of lifestyle we all dream of as young kids before we’re told we’re wrong for thinking that way.

Now we have a band together.

About Cara:

Cara is a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. She began teaching herself guitar to put music to her poetry, and plays original songs inspired by her journey through life and diverse experiences – from working as a lawyer in the city of London, to living humbly in the jungle of Costa Rica.

She is also the author of “Siege”, a metaphysical fantasy novel – read more here.

After recovering from chronic illness in her early twenties, Cara is also passionate about health and well-being and is a holistic health guide, mentoring and supporting others to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. Read more about her work and her path on her website.