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Alex Flett is a one-man-band experience. He plays the harmonica, guitar, cajon, tambourine and hi-hat all at the same time, while singing his original poetry. Although only being one person, the way he plays can pack a punch like a full band. His music tells honest, from-the-heart stories drawn from his journey through life.

His latest single “Ask Me a Question” was released in May 12, 2023 and his next album will be coming at the end of June.

Alex isn’t shy of genuine self expression, whether it be his humor, hard hitting emotion, or anything else in between. The intent of Alex’s music is to share with love the lessons he’s learned from his young (yet sometimes trying and eventful) life. His unique style of folk music is influenced by the old greats like Bob Dylan, Donovan, Woodie Guthrie, and more.

Music Career

Live recording of “Catchin’ on to life in Saskatchewan” – by Alex Flett, from the 31st annual Cathedral Village Arts Festival (May 2022) in Saskatchewan. This was by far the biggest crowd Flett had ever performed in front of, with much of the audience singing and dancing along. It was also right beside Wascana Creek (a creek that is very special to Alex, having grown up beside it. Wascana has been featured in many of his videos and lyrics.)

Alex Flett is a dual citizen of both Canada and Costa Rica. He was born in Costa Rica, but moved to Canada (where his parents were from) at a very young age. Having ancestry in Britain, being born in Costa Rica, raised in Canada, and influenced by genres of music from across the world, Alex realized at a young age that music is a universal language amongst people. His dream is to unite people through music, and share the stories and messages in his songs, to inspire others. The best part about being a one-man-band busker is that Alex can easily take his music to most major cities, and do street performances. He also enjoys to share his one-man-band experience on the stage in music venues.

Alex’s music career launched in Southern Saskatchewan, Canada. There he’s played (as mentioned) at the arts festival on multiple occasions, Shannon’s Pub in Regina many times, “Spring Treat” and later “Pagan Pride 2022” for the town of Milestone (hosted by Cosmos Astrum Radio), The Tavern in Craven, on stage at the Southland Mall in Regina several times for the “Busker’s Showcase” and Cultural Evolution. Later on Flett & Goldthorpe played at “The Exchange” in Regina during 2022 (Voted venue of the year by SaskMusic in 2022)”

He’s also had hundreds of hours of experience doing live performances, having made a living as a busker in Regina since 2020. He plays on average 3 hours a day 6 days a week on the streets in different locations throughout Regina. He busks even in the wintertime, down to temperatures of -15!

Throughout Alex’s upbringing he dreamed of returning to those tropical lands that had introduced him into the world, and his song “Costa Rica” is all about his dreams to return. Shortly after writing it, he went back for a holiday, where he met his now-wife. He now splits his time between Canada and Costa Rica, as well as travels to share his music across the world.

In Costa Rica, Alex has played several gigs at “Organico” in Montezuma, a popular music venue in town where locals and tourists alike have come out to dance to his music. He has also travelled in the south of Costa Rica to play at “Hotel Rio Lindo”, “Uvita Beer Garden” and “Los Gatos Locos” in the Osa area.

Alex also plays alongside Cara as “Flett & Goldthorpe“. Read more about their band here.

Past Achievements

Alex’s favourite gig (so far!) is the 30 minute set he did for the Cathedral Village Arts Festival 2022 to an outdoor crowd of approximately 200 people. It was then where he unlocked a new level of confidence, getting people to sing along and dance – all the while addressing social and environmental issues through the lyrics in his songs.

Alex Flett’s debut album “The Sun Dragon One Man Band” is also available on all streaming platforms, and limited copies of CDs are sold by Alex Flett in person.


Below are some of Alex’s music videos. You can find more on his YouTube channel.